Best Tasting Nutritional Yeast in 2022

There are a variety of nutritional yeast products on the market and they all have different flavors. Some are sweeter, some are saltier, and some have a cheesy flavor. Some brands are also fortified with vitamins and minerals. When it comes to the best tasting nutritional yeast, there are a few things to consider. The first is the flavor. Some people prefer a sweeter yeast, while others like a saltier or cheesier flavor. The second is the ingredients. Some brands use only natural ingredients, while others add artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. The third is the price. Some brands are more expensive than others, but the quality and flavor can vary widely. When choosing the best tasting nutritional yeast, it’s important to consider all of these factors to find the right product for you.

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Things to Consider:

There are a few things to consider before buying the best tasting nutritional yeast. The first is to make sure that the yeast is a good source of protein and dietary fiber. The second is to check the vitamin and mineral content. The third is to make sure the yeast is free from harmful toxins.

How We Pick & Test:


There are many ways to select and test the best tasting nutritional yeast flakes. One way is to ask around and see what others think. Another way is to look for online reviews. A third way is to buy a few different brands and try them out yourself.

nutritional yeast flakes are full of B-vitamins and minerals, making them a great vegetarian source of these nutrients. They also have a cheesy, nutty flavor that makes them a popular addition to many dishes.

When selecting nutritional yeast flakes, look for a brand that is fortified with additional B-vitamins and minerals. This will ensure that you are getting the most nutrition from your flakes. Also, look for a brand that is Non-GMO verified, as this will guarantee that the yeast is not made from genetically modified organisms.

To test the best tasting nutritional yeast flakes, start by using them in simple dishes like pasta or mashed potatoes. You can also add them to soups or stews for extra flavor. Once you find a brand that you like, you can experiment with using them in other recipes.

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Top 10 Best Tasting Nutritional Yeast

Details of Best Tasting Nutritional Yeast

Bestseller No. 2
Anthony's Premium Nutritional Yeast Flakes, 1 lb, Fortified, Gluten Free, Non GMO, Vegan
  • Premium Nutritional Yeast Flakes - Fortified
  • Batch Tested and Verified Gluten Free
  • Great source of fiber, vitamins and minerals - Plant Based Protein Source
  • Fortified with B Vitamins including Folic Acid and B12 (produced by fermentation - not synthetic or animal source)
  • Great for plant based, gluten free, vegan, recipes! Deactivated Yeast - Will NOT make bread rise!
Bestseller No. 3
It's Just - Yeast Flakes, Nutritional Yeast, Premium Fortified, Nooch, Vegan Cheese Substitute (8 Ounces)
  • SUPERFOOD POWERHOUSE // Yeast flakes are a source of complete proteins - containing all 9 essential amino acids your body needs; Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidents; Fortified with B-complex vitamins
  • TASTY RANGE OF RECIPES // It's Just! Yeast Flakes have a delicious creamy, nutty, cheesy, savory flavor and is amazing on a variety of meals like casseroles, pastas, soups, salads, popcorn, veggies, and so much more; Let us know how you used it!
  • HEALTHY FOR ALL DIETS // Naturally low in sodium and calories; Fat-free, sugar-free, no gluten ingredients, Non-GMO; Ideal for supplementing plant based, vegan, or vegetarian diets! Deactivated yeast - Will NOT make bread rise
  • CRAVE NOURISHMENT & QUALITY // You'll love the taste, making it an essential pantry staple for your everyday meals; Boost food flavors or ganish your favorite dish; Premium, high quality stand-up pouch with resealable zipper for maximum shelf life
Bestseller No. 4
Frontier Co-op Yeast, Nutritional Mini-Flakes, Kosher, 1 lb. Bulk Bag.
  • NUTRITIONAL YEAST MINI FLAKES - Frontier Co-op Nutritional Yeast Mini Flakes are a healthful non-dairy cheese substitute and seasoning grown on a mixture of cane and beet molasses.
  • AN EASY SUBSTITUTE - Yeast mini flakes are perfect for vegans who love cheese. They have a strong resemblance to parmesan and offer a healthy, dairy-free alternative for cheese sauce, soups, gravies or eggless scrambles.
  • STRONG FLAVOR - Frontier Co-op Nutritional Yeast Mini Flakes have a nutty and cheesy flavor. Their creamy texture makes them a popular cheese alternative.
  • FROM ESTONIA - Frontier Co-op Nutritional Yeast Mini Flakes are processed in Estonia. These yeast flakes are made from single-celled organisms grown on cane or beet molasses. This product is kosher certified.
  • ABOUT US - Owned by stores and organizations that buy and sell our products, Frontier Co-op has been a member-owned cooperative since 1976. We support natural-living and our products are never irradiated or treated with ETO. We're committed to the health and welfare of the environment and everyone producing and consuming our botanical products.
Bestseller No. 5
Revly Vegan Nutritional Yeast Non-Fortified Superfood 15.9 Oz. Powder - 6g Protein, Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals - 30 Servings
  • Vegan, plant based, non-fortified source of 6g protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Nutritional yeast is a low-fat source of protein for vegan and vegetarian diets
  • Nutritional yeast dietary supplement (non-fortified)
  • Cheese-like flavor with 6 grams of protein per serving and an array of B vitamins. Often used as a cheese replacement or to add flavor to vegetables and popcorn.
  • Vegan and gluten free superfood powder with mini flakes
  • Mix 2 tablespoons with water or sprinkle on food. Tablespoon is not included in the container. 30 servings per container
Bestseller No. 6
Foods Alive Nutritional Yeast Flakes - (Bulk 2-lbs) Non-Fortified, Plant Based Cheese Powder Substitute, Vegan Protein Source, Versatile Umami Seasoning for a Wide Range of Dishes
Bestseller No. 7
NOW Supplements, Nutritional Yeast Powder Fortified with Additional B-Vitamins, 10-Ounce
  • SUPERFOOD: NOW pleasant-tasting Nutritional Yeast Powder is produced from a specially selected strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Take 1 level tablespoon daily mixed in milk, fruit juice, or vegetable juice. It can also be used in vegetarian recipes or added to protein shakes to boost nutritional content.
  • FORTIFIED WITH ADDITIONAL B-VITAMINS: NOW Nutritional Yeast delivers the natural nutrient profile found in genuine whole foods.
  • CLASSIFICATIONS/CERTIFICATIONS: Non-GMO, Vegan/Vegetarian, Kosher, Soy Free, Sugar Free, Dairy Free
  • GMP Quality Assured: NOW closely adheres to both mandatory U.S. FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) regulations and voluntary Natural Products Association (NPA) Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations. Good manufacturing practices ensure compliance with sanitation, processing, documentation, and testing requirements that are designed to promote consistent, highly reproducible product quality and safety.
  • Packaged in the USA by a family owned and operated company since 1968
Bestseller No. 8
Anthony's Premium Nutritional Yeast Flakes, 10 oz, Non Fortified, Batch Tested Gluten Free, Non GMO
  • Non-Fortified Nutritional Yeast Flakes - Product of USA
  • Batch Tested and Verified Gluten Free
  • Tangy, cheesy, creamy flavor and texture, making it perfect for sprinkling on popcorn, salads or using it as a vegan cheese substitute!
  • Vegan Plant Based Protein - source of vegan protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals
  • No added vitamins or minerals - just yeast! Deactivated Yeast - Will NOT make bread rise!
Bestseller No. 9
Terrasoul Superfoods Premium Nutritional Yeast Flakes, 16oz - Fortified | Gluten Free | Non-GMO | Vegan
  • Delicious and fresh, batch-tested gluten-free Nutritional Yeast Flakes packaged in a 1 lb conveniently resealable pouch.
  • Nutritional Yeast Flakes are a perfect substitute for your vegan cheesy recipes.
  • Made in the USA and fortified with B Vitamins including Folic Acid and B12 (produced by natural fermentation - not synthetic or animal source)
  • Every decision we make at Terrasoul is based on one guiding principle—your happiness. Our team of experts is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality foods at fair prices, and the measure of our success is your satisfaction.
  • We strive to make every experience with our company and our products a positive one, so we’ve backed all of our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Just let us know if there is ever a problem, and we’ll make it right. It’s our promise to you.
Bestseller No. 10
Bragg Premium Nutritional Yeast Seasoning - Vegan, Gluten Free – Good Source of Protein & Vitamins – Nutritious Savory Parmesan Cheese Substitute (Original, 12 Ounce Pouch)
  • NUTRITIONAL YEAST SEASONING: The Bragg Nutritional Yeast Seasoning Flakes add a tasty, nutritional boost to dips, spreads, salads, vegetables, potatoes, and pasta. It comes equipped with a convenient shaker top.
  • VEGAN CHEESE SUBSTITUTE: These yeast flakes are a delicious parmesan cheese substitute. The nutritional flakes are a dairy-free Vegan seasoning that all ages are sure to love!
  • “BETTER LIFE” BENEFITS: Our nutritional seasoning offers “Better Life” benefits. It is packed vitamins that support metabolism and improve overall skin, hair, and nail health. It also provides nutritional compounds known to boost your immunity.
  • LOW-CALORIE SEASONING: The Bragg Yeast Flakes are low-calorie and low-sodium. They are packed with a good source of protein and B Vitamins. Add this cheesy seasoning to your favorite dishes, snacks, and recipes for a tasty low-calorie meal.
  • The Bragg Difference: A diet rich in organic fruits and veggies is essential to vibrant health. Our ingredients always come from the land, not a lab. It’s our vital difference.

Benefits of Best Tasting Nutritional Yeast:

The best-tasting nutritional yeast will have a strong, savory flavor that can be used to enhance the taste of many dishes. It is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, and can be used as a food supplement or as a dietary ingredient. Nutritional yeast is also a good source of protein and fiber. It can be added to soups, salads, pasta dishes, and dips.

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There is no definitive answer to this question as everyone’s taste buds are different. However, many people believe that the larger the grain size, the better the flavor. Nutritional yeast is available in different sized grains, so experiment to find the one that best suits your taste.


Adding nutritional yeast to recipes is a great way to boost the flavor while also getting some extra nutrients. When choosing a nutritional yeast, it is important to find one that has a good flavor. This can be determined by reading reviews or talking to friends who have tried different brands. Once you have found a good tasting nutritional yeast, you can start adding it to your favorite recipes. Nutritional yeast can be used as a topping on popcorn or added to soups and sauces for an extra boost of flavor.

Ease of Use:

Best tasting nutritional yeast is easy to use. You can add it to food or drink, or take it as a supplement. It is a good source of vitamins and minerals, and it can help you get the nutrients you need.


Best tasting nutritional yeast is said to be one of the most convenient sources of nutrients. It is a complete protein and is rich in B-vitamins, making it an ideal nutritional supplement for those who are looking to improve their overall health. Additionally, best tasting nutritional yeast is said to be free of harmful toxins and is a natural source of energy.


There are many factors to consider when discussing the durability of best tasting nutritional yeast.Yeasts are living organisms and, as with all living things, are subject to a finite life span. However, nutritional yeast is a particularly hardy type of yeast, and can last for many years when stored properly. When kept in a cool, dark place, nutritional yeast can have a shelf life of up to five years.

Frequently Ask Questions:

How does nutritional yeast compare to other types of yeast?

Nutritional yeast is a type of yeast that is often used as a dietary supplement or as a savory flavoring agent. It is a deactivated yeast, meaning that it is inactive and cannot grow or reproduce. Nutritional yeast is often used as a source of B-vitamins and is a good source of protein and fiber. It is also low in calories and fat. When compared to other types of yeast, nutritional yeast has a higher nutritional value and is a better source of vitamins and minerals.


After trying out all the different types of nutritional yeast, I have to say that the best tasting one is the Red star nutritional yeast flakes. They have a nutty and cheesy flavor that is really delicious. I also like that they are fortified with vitamin B12, which is an important nutrient for vegans.

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